Once we started growing, there will be a help line number. If we succeed, it will appear here.
Dr Manmohan Singh Sekhon

About us

If you are reading this page, you must be in trouble in India. Somebody must have snatched your land or property in your village or city in India. If I am right it must be in Punjab. No body can snatch your land in India. It must be a property dispute. But the main purpose of other party is to snatch your land, or get it at low price by hook or crook.

Basically our properties are not safe in India. People in India thinks we NRI’s are loaded with money, but with no time.

So why we are here?

We are here to discuss our problems, and to find out the solutions. You can share your case with everybody on this website.  We will guide you, and make your journey less painful.

We can talk to the police in India or the ministers on your behalf.

In todays date 6/5/13 We are here to create awareness, educate each other about the risks of loosing property in India.

Or you can say we are educational website. But I can reassure you that sharing your problem with us will not do any harm to you.

You can go to members page here, and see who can help you.

Punjab Govt has already established NRI Police wing/dept. I will speak to them soon and update everybody about their roles and limitations. Click here to see some of the cases they resolved.

One of my friend Sardar Baldev Singh Gill lost his life in a car accident few months ago, who went to Punjab to get his land back from his village Sarpanch. He stayed in Punjab for more than six month, visiting local ministers, police stations and court rooms. We will speak to his family soon to give clear views of our system in Punjab. I am sure it will help lots of NRIs to understand the legal system in Punjab.